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While we’re wondering what should we do for ourselves to find happiness, here’s another reason to be happy that it spreads, it passes, it makes other happy, if you’re one of the positivity carriers you are the source of happiness and the reason for other’s peace of mind.

How to be happy oneself? It’s simple, do things which brings you peace, which makes your encompassing positive.

Focusing On Yourself, Developing Your Goals and Interests

We often find it difficult to stay motivated for the work we are doing but when doing the work which you have an interest in will automatically find motivation.

Compliment It and Letting Things Go

Sometimes letting go of things is way better than holding it eventually it doesn’t value at all, instead praise yourself for not minding it and not giving it a thought.

Stop Overthinking

If there’s something which is troubling you or you are contemplating about it too much just think that if it would matter after 5 years, if no then quit thinking about it, there’s no use of it.

If Something Is Concerning Your Mental Peace, Try To Find Clarifications for It

It can be your relationship with someone or your job if it costing your inner peace, just find the solutions where you’re lacking behind or find whether it is because of you or not.

Express Your Gratitude and Show Affection to Your Loved Ones

Making your family happy ultimately leads to your happiness, when you see your loved ones having a good mood because of you, you sequentially feel happy.

Try to Motivate Yourself When You’re Having or Had a Bad Day

Just think of pleasanter days and the things which you’re grateful for, this supports a lot!

You Should Know That People Don’t Care About What You Do As Much As You Think.

Yes! It’s true if you think that doing something will lead to everyone judging you, you’re wrong it’s just you who is overthinking if you do what you love no one will have the confidence to make you feel regret about it.

Be Confident About What You Do and Have Proper Motivation and Reason for Doing It

Accept Your Insecurities

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Most Importantly Don’t Look For Happiness, Find in Within Yourself


“If You Have The Desire To Want Something, You Also Have The Potential To Get It.”

During adolescence, we experience all sorts of emotions: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise and anger. During adulthood, we start to understand how to control them. And I have understood that it is easy to spread negativity and difficult to control it. I had a friend who was aggressive and possessive.

This kept me from being the happy person that I am and I could have been. That is why it is important to be friends with like-minded people. It has been found that we are the average of five people closest to us. If you hang out with the wrong people, you won’t be able to be your 100 percent. This is one of the reasons why people feel restricted in a relationship. A bird can’t fly with its wings closed. Similarly, it is necessary to enjoy freedom and cherish yourself to the fullest. And then you can fly with your wings open by spreading positivity.

“Falling Down Is An Accident, Staying Down Is A Choice.”

Find your happy place and right things will come to you. When you’re happy, you tend to take the right decisions. Even if one thing goes wrong, you have the capability to make it right. Life is like a staircase, no matter how hard or how many times we fall, if we have the desire to stand up, we can jump back and rise higher than before. You should have the courage to stand stronger so when anyone tries to push and you, you don’t fall. It is easier said than done.

For this, you need to find motivation. Maybe a role model whom you could follow. It could be anyone says your favourite celebrity or your mother. A person whom you respect and admire the most. For me, it’s my grandfather. He loved his wife (my grandmother) so much. But when she died, he didn’t cry. This has kept the family going strong. We don’t know what’s happening inside the mind of others. But outside, if we show that we are happy, we may actually get happy and can spread this love and positivity. You have to think about the people who look upon you. It is very normal if he would have cried but the rest of the family members would have felt weak.

Similarly, as a baby we tend to cry when we see our parents fighting, shouting or even sad. Because we get weak when the people who we look upon becomes weak. So, they act as if everything’s the same Infront of us. This is the power of positivity.

People ask me that why am I always smiling. I tell them why you need a reason to smile. There are a hundred reasons to be sad and only one to be happy. This might sound depressing but if you can’t think of any reason to be happy, think about the reasons to live. You need to have a purpose in life and have to plan out as to how to you will fulfil that purpose , which is always a sign of positivity.

“You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarted Than You Think.”

I smile for no reason. But it is possible that a person looks at you and smiles back. See, now there are two less sad people in the world. Making other happy will make you happy. I am a happy go lucky person and I like to keep people around me happy. This creates a positive environment which is healthy and necessary.

“Everything’s Going To Be Okay In The End And If It Isn’t Okay Then It’s Not The End”

It is important to analyse what you did throughout the day and plan your next day in advance. This helps in improving the productivity. So, take out time for yourself a.k.a. “Me time” before sleep. It will also help clear your thoughts and make you feel better when you wake up. Waking up to a cheerful thought can make your day a lot better.

Some little efforts from your side can make someone’s day or you can be the reason for their happiness, isn’t it sounds amazing, in your day to day life there are so many opportunities to do these little efforts which makes positivity, it may be like:

  • Praising someone for their work
  • Leaving a thank you note
  • Spend times with your loved ones, make them smiles
  • Guide someone when they’re lacking behind
  • Rather than ignoring, be someone comforter if they’re trying too hard
  • Thank your friend for being with you and having their back

Remember every time you do this, it will give you immense joy and will make you a better person day by day, I wish you all the best and happiness

Authors : Nuthan Manohar, Jaya Arya