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Workplace Wellbeing

Corporate Wellness Workshops & Personal Coaching

We create and curate science backed workshops based on what the world needs today.

Our current offerings have been designed to help you deal with the uncertainties and become resilient.

Our sessions on stress and sleep has assisted thousands across the globe this year.

Feel free to contact us to design a workshop based on your needs. After all one size does not fit all.


Employee Wellbeing Audit & Training

Corporate Wellbeing Audit

Helps identifies potential to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Recommends tailor-made program to help your team achieve holisticl excellence

We track changes in Quality of Life – this includes Physical, Mental, Social and Environment Wellbeing.

Customised Interactive Workshops

Curated Workshops Based on Team Requirments. Content Optimised to Suit Employee Psychosocial Background.

Online and onsite, group and personal coaching

External international experts for wide range of topics

Train the Trainers & Toolkit

Special training for selected wellbeing Team Leads in your organisation.

One day training for various tools to help the team enjoy sustained improvement in productivity , satisfaction and health.

Follow Up Mini Workshops

15-30 Minute Follow Up Workshops

Personal Coaching

Access to wellbeing content

Customisable Comfortable & Comprehensive Solutions

Furthering excellence with targetted enhancement in employee’s
physical, psychological social and environmental health & wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing


Personalised Coaching For Employees

Physical Fitness Coaches

Fitness, Yoga, Zumba etc

Certified Nutritionists

Clinical and Functional Nutrition

Licensed Psychologists and Mental Health Experts

Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Medical Practitioners

De-Addiction Experts

Certified Coaches

Performance Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Mindfulness Coach.

Secular Spiritual Coaches

Mindfulness & Meditation, Gratitude, Purpose etc


360 Workplace Wellbeing

Digital Follow Up

Personalised follow up through personal calls and daily automated Whatsapp Based Nudges to ensure practice and therefore behavioural changes

Visual Nudges

Posters, Tent Cards and other creative Collaterals to boost morale

Inspirational, informative and tailor-made.

Aromachology Installations

Smart Aromatherapy Waterless Diffuser with Customised High-Quality Essential Oil Blends.

Blends proven to elicit improved cognitive and emotional state

Family Wellbeing Events

Fun weekend wvents that help the entire family to practice wellbeing

Bringing joy to the ecosystem of your team

Wellbeing for Your Team & Wellbeing for You

Quick Unstress

Understand our body’s stress response mechanism. Learn how to release stress, how to relax and how to restore health and happiness in body and mind.

Neck & Shoulders

Simple habits and practices to improve upper body fitness. Pain free work from home tips.

Happy Period

Wellbeing session exclusively for women. Learn to overcome menstrual and menopausal discomforts using Movement, Mindfulness and the Magic of connecting with yourself.

Meaning & Motivation

Learn a science backed technique to arrive at your purpose. Finding meaning especially in uncertain times. Learn to develop focus and motivation. Strategise for challenges that you will face in your path.

Instant Happiness

5 techniques and practices to create happiness – starting from the body. Gibberish practice to release blocks. Happiness Action Plan to find meaning in the midst of chaos

Winter Depression

A range of physical practices, behavioural hacks and lifestyle changes that is proven to help combat winter depression.

Family Time

Explore playful ways to connect, forgive and smile together. Partner session from the comfort of your home. Breathwork, Partner Practices etc.

In Focus

Learn the science of focus and concentration. Simple tips and hacks to improve productivity. How to design your surroundings to improve learning. Art of revision and more. Meditate for growth.

Sleep Deep

Learn the science of sleep. Experience the ritual of letting go, ritual of happiness and ritual of trust to sink into wholesome sleep.

Heart Break

Inspired from powerful Tantric techniques, the session teaches to heal from grief and heart aches. Learn to manifest the life you truly deserve.

Lung Training

Series of breathing techniques that improve lung functioning and respiratory fitness. The practices improve immunity and reduces stress.

Life Coaching

Evaluate your current position and gain deep insight on meaningful growth. Personal sessions to help you overcome the challenges of life. Inviting you to a life of joy, peace and purpose.

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Furthering excellence with targetted enhancement in employee’s
physical, psychological social and environmental health & wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Customisable Comfortable & Comprehensive Solutions