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Student Wellbeing And Research

Student Wellbeing Lectures, Workshops, Courses
and Applied Research

Me Met Me collaborates with various governmental departments, medical institutes and educational organizations for research, courses and lectures on wellbeing.

Nothing gives us greater joy than to interact with your students and help them with the challenges of life.


Employee Wellbeing Audit & Training

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Corporate Wellbeing Audit

Helps identifies potential to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Recommends tailor-made program to help your team achieve holisticl excellence

We track changes in Quality of Life – this includes Physical, Mental, Social and Environment Wellbeing.

Customised Interactive Workshops

Curated Workshops Based on Team Requirments. Content Optimised to Suit Employee Psychosocial Background.

Online and onsite, group and personal coaching

External international experts for wide range of topics

Train the Trainers & Toolkit

Special training for selected wellbeing Team Leads in your organisation.

One day training for various tools to help the team enjoy sustained improvement in productivity , satisfaction and health.

Follow Up Mini Workshops

15-30 Minute Follow Up Workshops

Personal Coaching

Access to wellbeing content


In the past, Me Met Me, spawned the largest global youth participation in disaster management, AnboduKochi, and was cited by UNDP. (2018). And now, in 2020 as a response to the pandemic and lockdown, we did the following online

  • Mentor 1200 youth with the Police Department (Kerala).
  • 1000 students mentored on behalf of Junior Red Cross.
  • Research project involving 300 participants for girl student wellbeing.
  • Conduct wellbeing workshops for parents with children of special needs in the Middle East
  • Offer various customised student wellbeing workshops for educational institutionsA

Applied Research on Wellbeing

Please contact us to develop research modules, conduct guest lectures and courses on Mind Body interventions and Ayurvedic Perfumery.
Research Projects and Proposals include

  • Effectiveness of Stress Reduction Online Workshops in Improving Quality of Life Among Girls
  • Effectiveness of Essential Oil Blends in Increasing Stress Resilience and Motivation Among Girls & Women
  • Effect of Digitally Supported, Integrated Personalised Lifestyle Intervention in Quality of Life of Women
  • Effect of Mind Body Interventions for Trauma and Sexual Abuse

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Wellbeing for Your Team & Wellbeing for You

Change Begins with You

Introduction to Hero’s Journey. Behaviour that converts the ordinary to extraordinary

Quick Unstress

Understand our body’s stress response mechanism. Learn how to release stress, how to relax and how to restore joy

Instant Happiness

Happiness Action Plan. 3 Mind Body practices to instantly feel good. Techniques to release blocks

Mind Body Secrets to Motivation

Techniques to build resilience and focus

I Shall Not Be Discouraged

Strategies to deal with self doubt and fears, criticism, bullying and interim failures

Insights into my body-type

Gain in-depth knowledge of personal body type and behaviour. Learn simple lifestyle changes to realize potential

Team Research & Lectures

At Me Met Me, we take your well-being journey to the next level with our distinctive offerings that set us apart from the rest. Discover the uniqueness that defines our special services:

1. Wellbeing Research and Development

We forge partnerships with governmental departments, medical institutions, NGOs and educational organizations, crafting tailor-made well-being research modules and interventions. Our approach includes audits, research projects, and bespoke solutions, all complemented by enlightening guest lectures and personal mastery courses.

2. Exclusive Programs with External Experts

Experience wellbeing programs that are co-created and led by a group of renowned external experts. These programs, bring you insights into various facets of wellbeing and different tools to achieve them.

3.Therapeutic Fragrance Expertise

We collaborate with prestigious fragrance houses and brands to craft well-being fragrances that are truly transformative. Our expertise in scent marketing, ambient scenting, and the creation of therapeutic blends ensures a sensory experience like no other.

4. Immersive Well-Being Retreats

Me Met Me has partnered with hospitality experts to curate immersive well-being retreats. Our offerings, including the one-day Westin Sleep Well Hyderabad and the transformative 7-day Radiant Living retreats with CGH, Kerala. Experience truly exceptional transformative sessions.

Elevate your well-being journey with Me Met Me’s unique and special services. Contact us today to explore how these extraordinary offerings can enhance your life.


Effectiveness of Essential Oil Blends in Increasing Stress Resilience and Focus.


Finding Happiness In A Pandemic: A Customized Mind Body Intervention Improved Quality of Life among College Graduate Students in Business School MBA Program.


Behaviour Based Health System To Enhance Productivity : Design and Implementation.


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1 Quick Unstress

Understand the stress and relaxation mechanism. Learn evolution based techniques to overcome stress instantly. Science backed methods to 1. Release 2. Relax and 3. Restore

Quiz and Practice Video Submission

2 Breath of Life

Learn 5 types of breathing practices that have 5 different impact on the body. 1.Focus Building. 2. Calming. 3.Energising. 4.Restoring. 5. Sleep Inducing.

Quiz and Practice Video Submission

3 Instant Happiness

Immersive session on science of happiness. Tapping 5 Levels of Being. Importance of gratitude for health and happiness.

Quiz and Online Journal Entry Submission

4 Self Discovery

Identify your body type, arrive at ideal lifestyle choices for your body based on Ayurveda. Relook at MBTI from a social interactions perspective (helps promote understanding and empathy)

Quiz and Online Journal Entry Submission

5-7 Alpha Body Practices (Physical Practices)

Using postures to project confidence. Effect of posture on mood, hormonal regulation and subliminal perception. Introduction to power poses (Amy Cuddy) and combing them with drishti (gaze) and ujjayi (victory breath)

Class Participation and Practice Video Submission

8 Introduction to Mindfulness

Introductory session to practice Mindfulness. With focus on managing emotions like anger.

Quiz and Final Audit Results

9 Hero’s Mind : Overcome Challenges

Understanding the Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell) from ordinary to extraordinary. Framework for facing different types of setbacks, hurdles and challenges.

Quiz and Online Journal Entry Submission

10 Find the Purpose of Your Life

Unique journaling technique to arrive at your purpose. Learn about Ikigai, Ubuntu, Lagom, Chaturvidhapurushartha and more.

Quiz and Online Journal Entry Submission

11 Sleep & Rest

The Science of Sleep. Importance of sleep for learning, productivity, sociability, etc. Understand the practices that lead to sleep - ritual of letting go, ritual of happiness and the ritual of trust

Quiz and Final Audit Results

12 - 14 Preventive & Curative Therapy (Physical Practices)

Understanding healthy spine. Fixing Tech Neck (common condition) or any other musculoskeletal issue faced by the group which can be addressed via online medium. Increasing physical resilience

Class Participation and Practice Video Submission

15 Therapeutic Workshops Based on Requirement

Based on the requirement of the group, various mini workshops are conducted to assist in healing and growth. Typical session include PCOD and Pelvic Health, Trauma, Pain Relief, Hypnotherapy etc.

Quiz and Online Journal Entry Submission


Brand Archetypes Using Perfumery -Half-Day Interactive Workshop

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Hero’s Mind – Half-Day Orientation Module for Students

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EmpowerEd: Igniting Inspired Teaching -Half Day for Faculty

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Personal Mastery Course for Students – 15 Hours Across 3 Trimesters

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Industry Research Project Collaboration – HR / OB & NEP Courses

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