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Improvement in Psychological Wellbeing

We all seek joy, inner peace and purpose. Yet, all around us, people are facing challenges on a daily basis.

At Me Met Me we approach these challenges with deep empathy and profound understanding.

Through science backed mind-body, behavioral and olfactive (fragrance based) interventions, we guide people to become resilient to stress, find happiness and motivation and experience deep sleep.

To ensure best results, the interventions are personalised.

We offer wellbeing audits, intervention design & implementation and follow-through support.

With us, wellbeing is not about ticking a box. We believe in wellness that works for you.

We strive to craft Comprehensive, Comfortable, and Customizable interventions you will love.

Comprehensive since we offer services through a collaboration with various wellbeing experts – nutrition, intrinsic motivation, leadership coaching, etc.

You will find our interventions Comfortable since it works with your values, beliefs and time constraints. We offer everything from express coaching to week long retreats.

And needless to add we customise and even personalise, after all once size doesn’t fit all.

Namastey I am Nuthan Manohar

Namastey, I am Nuthan Manohar. I believe in our innate capacity to transform our health and happiness, even in the face of adversity. My journey began with a personal battle against debilitating ailments, igniting my passion for well-being research. This path led to the creation of Me Met Me, where we’re committed to crafting well-being solutions that can elevate your life.

Wellness That Works

I integrate the insights from age-old practices such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, and Chanting with the advancements of contemporary science, encompassing Hypnotherapy, Behavioral Science, Constellation Work, and Neuroscience. What truly sets our interventions apart is the art of therapeutic perfumery. This seamless fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovations are meticulously crafted to redefine our understanding of well-being.

My Background

Bringing over 19 years of expertise in Behavior, Research, and Strategy, my dedication to the well-being journey began in 2010. Along this path, I have earned an MBA and an MSc in Yoga. Additionally, I hold credentials as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, and System Constellation Facilitator. I’ve had the privilege of sharing insights as a two-time TEDx speaker, delving into the captivating Science of Perfumes and the pursuit of happiness.

Furthermore, I take pride in being a finalist on Shark Tank India Season 1, and my work has garnered national and international recognition for its notable contributions to Yoga, Well-being, and Innovation.

Me Met Me Values

Social Impact

One of the Me Met Me initiatives, Anbodu Kochi, is acknowledged as a best practice by UNDP. It has become part of curriculum in a few universities in Tamil Nadu.

Game Changers by Kerala Police for student police; ASAP by Gov of Kerala for educators etc were innovative approaches to enhance wellbeing. Bhaavika (NGO) for student life skill development are projects close to our hearts.

Pedal Kochi executed for Petroleum Conservation Research Association was recognized as one of India’s premier events.

However, the most fulfilling part of our work has been in helping survivors of sexual abuse cope with trauma at Nirbhaya and Kootu.

It is our calling to assist groups that seek science backed wellbeing interventions for childhood sexual abuse survivors.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, earning recognition as one of India’s top yoga therapists.

As an erstwhile brand consultant with exposure to 11 countries, I’ve contributed my expertise to top global brands over 8 years. My work has spanned clients like Oreo, Kraft Cheese, Titan, Reliance, Mahindra, CARE, Ford Foundation, and more.

My Passions

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Research & Operations Manager

Ajish Babu

With My MTech in Materials Science from IIT Patna, I find it my calling to work on wellbeing research, olfaction and operations.

Ajish Babu is a seasoned materials engineer who holds a postgraduate degree in Materials Science from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna. Additionally, he holds a graduation in Polymer Science and Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology. With over four years of valuable experience, Ajish brings a wealth of expertise to his field. His proficiency extends across process development, Quality Management Systems (QMS), and technology advancement, cultivated through collaborations with startups and recognized Deming Award-winning organisations.
Ajish has discovered his true vocation in the domain of well-being research and operations, channeling his skills and enthusiasm into ME MET ME's innovative initiatives. His professional trajectory is characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a sincere appreciation for the challenges and rewards inherent in advancing the field of well-being.
Business Development Manager

Anushree Tilak

With My BTech from CUSAT, I Love To Work On Business Development and Communication

Anusree Thilak, a graduate in Polymer Science Engineering from Cochin University of Science & Technology, brings a keen passion for fostering well-being. Currently situated in Dubai, her professional journey unfolds uniquely—from the intricate realm of materials engineering to the dynamic sphere of business development within the wellness sector. With a solid grounding in materials engineering, her path harmoniously combines technical expertise with a dedicated commitment to advancing well-being.
Functional Nutrition

Rajiv Ambat

Rajiv Ambat is the CEO and founder of NuvoVivo Centre for Obesity, Lifestyle Disorders and Research which is into lifestyle disease management.

Rajiv Ambat is the CEO and founder of NuvoVivo Centre for Obesity, Lifestyle Disorders and Research which is into lifestyle disease management. He is a speaker and author of the bestseller book 'The Midriff Crisis'. He is a nutrition expert and a diabetes educator and also a member of the All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity under the world obesity federation. He is also a certificate holder in Human Physiology from Harvard Medical School (HMX), a proud bookworm and a gym rat with an eye for scientific and data-driven approaches to health & fitness. He is also the sports nutrition advisor for the Kerala Police sports team and also works with many a few sports personnel and celebrities as their advisor

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