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Therapeutic Perfumery


Sparking Positive Moments With Every Breath You Take


Prior booking is essential to tailor this intimate journey of self-love to your needs.


Beyond The Sensorial Delight,

when we inhale a fragrance, it travels directly to the brain’s limbic system, the center of emotions and memories. This intimate connection allows specific scents to trigger emotional and physical responses, from calming the mind to energizing the body.

Each scent’s unique molecular composition interacts with our biology – our neurotransmitters, our hormones, weaving a deeply personal narrative of healing and well-being.

And I am uniquely gifted with a nose that knows .

Pushpa Ayurveda

Precious. Therapeutic. Personal.

Embrace Nature's Essence

Therapeutic perfumery unites the timeless art of natural fragrances with the healing wisdom of Ayurveda. Each scent is a delicate dance of essential oils, crafted to nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Customized Ambient Scents: Reflections of Your Values

Immerse your space in aromas that resonate with your organization's ethos, fostering a profound sense of wellbeing and harmony.

Bespoke Blends: Your Unique Scent Story

Embark on a personal scent journey with our tailored blends, designed to meet your individual challenges and elevate your daily experiences.

What Can Natural Perfumes Do For You

Boost Your Productivity By Increasing Your Stress Resilience and Focus.


Promote Deep Sleep and Rest By Gently Soothing Your Body


Evoke A Distinct & Memorable Experience That Matches Your Brand


A Little Of Our Story

Reviving The Lost Magic of Ayurvedic Perfumery

Ayurveda celebrates individuality, recognizing that we all dance to a different rhythm and break for a different reason. Remedies should honour this.

Nuthan Manohar has embraced this, her scents are not just fragrances but personalized remedies for life's challenges like stress, heartbreak, insomnia, diminished sex drive, stress, winter depression, or lack of focus.

Your blend will be uniquely yours, aligned with your body type, the season's changes, and your mental state. She helps you get closer to your dreams with every breath you take.

Our Services

Ambient Scent For Your Space

Retail Stores, Lobby & Waiting Areas, Fitness Centres, Spas & Salons, Resorts and Hospitals.

Transform your environment with custom perfume oils, elevating the ambience and enhancing experiences. Spark joy and relaxation.

Bespoke Perfumery for You

Personalised blends that perk up your confidence, and enhance your joy and inner peace.

A natural perfume crafted based on your body type, your personality type and the unique experiences and dreams that make you, YOU

Our Beloved Signature Blends

Build focus, rest deeply or heal from a heart break – here are our sought-after blends.

Using precious essential oils we craft science backed blends that work their magic on you. We source from  Robertet, Grasse France and Synthite, India

Scent Marketing

Did you know that Scent can entice consumers to stay longer, shop longer and purchase more. A win for all.

Create a mesmerizing brand signature scent, connecting deeply with your audience’s emotions and influencing how they feel about you.

Saumya Tandon

Actress and Influencer

"I have known Nuthan for many years, she is herself full of love and light. I have seen her working dedicatedly on well-being.
Her oil blends are absolutely wonderful. Her special touch, her insight and understanding about the essential ois and knowledge about yoga and well-being makes her blends unique.
Not only are they of excellent quality but they are ethical and cruelty free.
Totally a winner for me."

Real people with life-changing results

Namita Kulkarni

Yoga Influencer, Author, Artist

"I first tried Nuthan's essential oil blends at a workshop in Bali some years ago. They have a really uplifting and comforting effect and are a great way to start your day and also use at various intervals through the day.

These will be a delightful part of any self-care routine."

Deepti Sati

Actress, Miss India Top 10 Finalists, Miss Kerala

"I am drawn to Ease because of Nuthan, her positive. and inspiring energy, calmed me during chaotic and confusing phases of life.

I can sense her positivity and personality in the brand.I recall Nuthan applying the oils from a roll- on at the backstage during Miss Kerala. The oils magically uplifted me and elevated the entire group with its beutiful fragrance.

Her blends have high quality ingredients and is a clean brand that is conscious of our fragile planet. People may not realise but essential oils make a lot of difference to our mood. I really vouch for it and believe in it, the effects were amazing."

Let's Talk About What Natural Perfumes Can Do For You

And I Might Even Delight You With A Custom Made Perfume Sample!