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Pushpa Ayurveda

Precious. Therapeutic. Perfume.

Therapeutic perfumery is the use of essential oils and other natural fragrances to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It is a holistic approach to health and wellness that combines the ancient art of perfumery with the gentle healing properties of scented florals.

We offer customised ambient scent that resonate with the values of your organisation and promotes a deep sense of wellbeing.

In our bespoke segment we offer you personalised blends that will help you with the unique challenges you face.

A Little Of Our Story

The Lost Magic of Ayurvedic Perfumery Revived

Ayurveda is the Indic Science of Life. The first basic tenet is that every individual is unique and every day is different. Therapies have to be designed to honour the individual and their challenges.

Nuthan has designed over 90 therapeutic Mind Body Interventions. She has blended and tested over 15 ayurvedic perfumes for conditions like heartbreak, insomnia, diminished sex drive, stress, winter depression, inability to focus etc.

She now offers personalised blends for your conditions. Each blend you would receive includes ingredients favorable for your body type, upcoming climatic conditions and current mental predicament.

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