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Do you ever wonder why some people overcome form their fears or emotional trauma easily? And why some people seem to be stuck at a point in their life due to some tragic event? The ability to bounce back and emerge from an unwanted event in life is known as resilience and it is the answer to the above questions.

Every one of us has resilience, some more than the others. Psychologists have said that resilience is an important life skill as it helps people to overcome tragic or difficult events that may happen during the course of their lives. Events like Heartbreak, death of a family member, loss in business, chronic illness, or any horrifying or tragic event that may have caused emotional and physical trauma. Therefore, resilience is crucial to a person’s personality as it helps to cope up with stress and depression. It helps us to adapt to an unforeseen situation that may come in our life.

Resilient people also tend to have better work and personal life balance as they are able to deal with stress, anxiety, deadlines, etc. It is a life skill just like any other skill and it can be inculcated easily.

Building Supportive and Meaningful relationships at the workplace

The more support you get from your family and friends, the more secure and happy you feel. Similarly, at your workplace, you should try to build trustworthy friendships and increase your social interaction. This leads to a feeling that you are not alone. This is a key factor in building any kind of skill. You will be more resilient at work if you would have the support of your colleagues to help you overcome difficulties and work stress.

Try to establish a Good Work-life balance

It is natural that if you are not able to manage your personal and work life properly, you will have stress issues. This might also lead to depression and can cause havoc in both your World. Focusing on only one part will not be enough. You should have time for yourself and your family too. This will bring you happiness and peace. And a calm mind will automatically work efficiently and effectively. You should also find a hobby to overcome your anger or any sort of frustration you may have due to your work. This may help you calm down and deal with the situation more easily.

Always be aware of what are you feeling

For instance, you have a lot of deadlines to achieve but you also have very little time left to put in all your efforts. This was your one chance of promotion and you seem to have missed it this time. You may feel sad and upset. But if you feel that you are having anxiety attacks , you should be aware of it and seek help. Resilience building takes time and a crucial part of becoming resilient is to know that you are not feeling yourself due to whatever reason. Because making yourself aware of your own feelings will help you to achieve better mental health and peace of mind. We all make mistakes and it is completely alright to have bad days as long as you know about yourself and make you more resilient.

Always have a comeback plan and feel your strength

Whatever happens in life one should know how to get up on his/her feet back. If you are demoted or laid off, do not think of it as the end of your career because it is a small part of your journey. This is a chance for you to be stronger than ever and show your resilience power. Be kind to yourself, being harsh on yourself only makes you irritated with your life. So, whenever you feel like pushed down, get up with more force to shine. Let you be the kite against wind which inturn make you with a high resilience life.

Be positive , turn Resilience On

Last but not the least, being positive is always the answer. The perspective from which you see your problems will always tell you the path that whether you will overcome your problems easily or with difficulty. Everyone faces hopeless situations , but always remember that the sun shines the brightest after a rainy day. So, always be positive and happy. Overcoming problems is an easy task when you do it with a smile on your face.

Nowadays, workplace stress is a very common issue. There is cut-throat competition and the race to climb the ladder faster. It is normal that people tend to have a lot of stress because of their work life. Being resilient helps you to overcome this stress. No one is perfect and you should not compare yourself to other people. It harms you and you start thinking yourself as a less achiever. This should not be the case. You should always believe in yourself. ALWAYS REMEMBER: Every single person has bad days and it is okay to feel sad and upset due to some reason. But you should always be aware of the fact that you are facing some trauma or anxiety because only then you will be able to use your resilience to overcome it.

Authors : Nuthan Manohar, Muskan Agarwal

Nuthan Manohar , the founder of Me Met Me is an International Trainer, Published Researcher, Two-Time TEDx speaker on well-being with over 15 years of expertise.