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Resolve to do fifteen minutes of meditation daily.It does not really matter, which technique you follow to meditate, as long as you can sit with your spine straight and teach your mind to calm down and ease into a thoughtless state.  If meditation is difficult, you can try guided visualization or hypnotherapy that suggests you to find that state of peace within you.

Eat Green and Detox

Being a bride, the stress of the wedding would cause changes in your chemical composition in a harmful way. Free radicals would be running amok in your system, counter them by having green foods like broccoli, , muringa leaf, spinach, celery, cucumber and have teas of herbs like tulsi. Three amlas a day with turmeric will boost your immunity.

Go berry yourself

Berries are rich in antioxidants. You need them for the special glow. Ensure to have them in your smoothies. Replace one meal with a nutritionally rich smoothie. This will also help reduce your bloating.  Ensure all your meals are balanced and that you are cutting down on fried, junk and sugars completely. Learn to snack on nuts, fruits and rich chocolate instead of snacks. Know portions that are apt for you.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Nothing reduces stress like diaphragmatic breathing. Learn to practice diaphragmatic breathing by placing a hand on your abdomen and the other hand on your chest. When you inhale the abdomen should rise and then the chest, when you exhale the chest should fall, followed by the abdomen.  Try to slow down your breath.

You Should Yoga

Of the hundreds of reasons why yoga is good for you, here are the reasons why you should start the practice as  a bride. Yoga is a practice of awareness, it starts to help you become more aware in your relations, of the emotions that you are going through so that you can find it easier to face the challenges ahead. Yoga also gives you that toned body and gorgeous glow. There are thousands of asanasa, there would be a few that are right for you – to improve you physically and mentally.

Essential oils

Invest in a good pure essential oil collection – that includes rose to open your heart, cherry blossom to  ward of fears and worries, mint and lemon grass to keep you pepped up, musk to keep you sensual, sandalwood for staying balanced,  frankincense to cleanse you and lavender to help you sleep. Trust your nose, it will lead you to the right aromas for you.


Mudras are simple tools to help calm frayed nerves and to revitalize. It can be done anywhere, anytime. Learn at least a set of ten mudras to combat various ailments and situations. Chin mudra promotes focus;  vayu mudra for gas, joint pain; agni mudra for digestion etc.

Learn to Disconnect

There will be times when the madness around you gets to a frenzied level especially for a new bride. Remind yourself , in a compassionate manner – “not my circus , not my monkeys…forgive especially when the other is not sorry”.  Learn to observe the human condition, if the other knew better, they wouldn’t be behaving in such a manner.

Be Eco

“You should spend half an hour in nature, more if you are busy” – goes the zen saying. As you are stepping into a new role,  start befriending nature. There will be moments in life when you are completely alone, those moments it would be nature and the divine that helps you heal and overcome.  Also the planet needs more and more people who are nurturing and conscious. Do take time to start this journey as well so that there is a beautiful earth for your children too.

Author : Nuthan Manohar

About the author : Nuthan Manohar, Founder of Me Met Me is an international trainer, published researcher and a two-time TEDx speaker on well-being.