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Team Research & Lectures

At Me Met Me, we take your well-being journey to the next level with our distinctive offerings that set us apart from the rest. Discover the uniqueness that defines our special services:

1. Wellbeing Research and Development

We forge partnerships with governmental departments, medical institutions, NGOs and educational organizations, crafting tailor-made well-being research modules and interventions. Our approach includes audits, research projects, and bespoke solutions, all complemented by enlightening guest lectures and personal mastery courses.

2. Exclusive Programs with External Experts

Experience wellbeing programs that are co-created and led by a group of renowned external experts. These programs, bring you insights into various facets of wellbeing and different tools to achieve them.

3.Therapeutic Fragrance Expertise

We collaborate with prestigious fragrance houses and brands to craft well-being fragrances that are truly transformative. Our expertise in scent marketing, ambient scenting, and the creation of therapeutic blends ensures a sensory experience like no other.

4. Immersive Well-Being Retreats

Me Met Me has partnered with hospitality experts to curate immersive well-being retreats. Our offerings, including the one-day Westin Sleep Well Hyderabad and the transformative 7-day Radiant Living retreats with CGH, Kerala. Experience truly exceptional transformative sessions.

Elevate your well-being journey with Me Met Me’s unique and special services. Contact us today to explore how these extraordinary offerings can enhance your life.


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