Yoga Retreats

Join in life-transforming yoga retreats that combine ancient wisdom, modern research and tons of positivity. The sessions have been conducted in South East Asia (Hong Kong, Bali, Manila), India (Kerala, Goa, Uttrakhand), Middle East (Dubai) and Europe (Germany, Frace, Sweden).

Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life is a sacred workshop for women. It is inspired from various mindful rituals across cultures that helped women rediscover their inner radiance. The sessions are an inspiring blend of science and ancient sensibilities that helped heal, energize, empower and smile.

Beautiful Life Modules are available in Half Day Workshop and 3 Day , 5 Day Residential Retreat Format.

Come and discover how beautiful life is, when we choose it to be.


Learn to Fly

Learn To Fly, suited for students and youth, teaches us to face our fears, embrace the challenges and to stay motivated till our goals are reached. Whether the goals are at work, business or academics, we often face obstacles, negativity, doubts, pessimism, that gnawing feeling of lack of support and empathy or maybe a lack of enthusiasm. Learn to Fly teaches you to overcome these using proven body-breath-mind techniques.

Learn to Fly Modules are available in Half Day, 3 Day and 5 Day Workshop Format.

Awaken the warrior within.



Anahata, the heart center, governs both our ability for Healing and Manifestation. Join in this Residential Retreat to help you reconnect with your heart. The sessions are an intensive immersion into yogic and tantric practices to awaken the Anahata Chakra. You will find yourself feeling immensely more positive, and work on your ability to love, forgive and purse your purpose in life.

Anahata includes Yogic practices, Healthful food, Activities, Discussions that help you change your life.