Talks & Testimonials




Nuthan is the best teachers I’ve ever had for anything. I started yoga with Nuthan 2 years back and was hooked after the very first class.  Nuthan is a fantastic practitioners, and an excellent teacher, instilling a love of yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion. Yoga has changed my life for the better. I have Nuthan to thank for that. Thanks.

Shekhar Pratap


For me Nuthan is the one who gave me back my level of confidence ,inner strength ,flexibility and of course a stability of mind ..Also to stay positive always…Luv n hugs. Also thanking Subi for all the advanced postures he taught…Without him I wouldn’t have attempted a hand strand or head stand.



 I have always wanted to do yoga as read and heard a lot and about it,  I am one of Nuthan’s very old student who had joined initially when she arrived in Kochi then had frequent breaks in between. But something kept pulling me to Nuthan,  Thanks to her that I learned the right technique of breathing,  learning the asanas. I keep thinking to myself, I will also be able to reach the stage when I understand myself in depth. I love the one thing about Nuthan is she smiles always and that’s a fantastic quality she possesses.  She’s an inspiration. Thank you Nuthan.



Nutan is a devoted teacher,period.Be it a single student in the class or a hall full,she gives detailed attention and teaches with unfailing enthusiasm. I describe her class as “More than perfect”.

I have learnt yoga under so many experts in nearly 3 decades.Still Nutan had corrected lot of my techniques for the better.

And I love her for the person she is. It has been a joy and given me a motherly pride to see her evolve into a name to reckon in Kochi



Nuthan is a very good teacher she is so happy always , while teaching she always keep a smile on her face even while we are wrong she corrects us in a very good manner. I learned a lot from her teaching. We learn very fast in her teaching.



I had started classes with Nuthan 2 years back. Seeing my enthusiasm, my husband also joined the classes. We have been attending classes together since then. Along with physical fitness her classes has helped us to be fit mentally. Her smile has taught us to smile at all the problems in life and face it bravely. She has  helped me overcome my dear of riding two wheelers after an accident. We are proud to have met Nuthan and be at Me Met Me. Love you from the bottom of our hearts.

Keerthi Santosh


Me met Me does exactly that. Makes you meet yourself in a different light altogether.Ive always felt yoga is boring. But seeing the various batches doing head stands and the boneless that is a different Wow experience.Im longing for the day that  Nuthan along with her team brings about a glow to your day and helps us treat ourselves better.


Nutan changed my entire perception about Yoga. She truly helped me get out my stress and strain stage  in a most graceful manner. Truly a great exponent of Body & Mind Therapy.

Anil James


Nuthan is the best yoga instructor anyone could have. It’s a great pleasure in meeting her and the Me Met Me Gang. Her yoga sessions are enthusiastic and jovial. She brings out our inner child and helps us to overcome our obstacles and ease ourselves from stress. She is one lady who tames the brats of the morning 9:30 am batch.



Nuthan is a wonderful yoga teacher of mind, body and soul. After each class one is dancing on air!  She is a beautiful person having all the expertise, love and light to hugely improve your entire fitness and outlook towards life. She is truly unique.



Both Nuthan & Subi are very positive people who encourages you to do your best. I am glad that Nuthan came to our Organization and through her overseeing and Subi’s help I could go on stage something I never gave a thought .we need real time positivity genuine love and less stress this is the place.