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Join Nuthan Manohar, in her life transforming workshops and residential retreats to rediscover the light within. Her sessions blend ancient wisdom and modern research to help you live the life of your dreams.



Know more about the various yoga retreats and corporate sessions from Me Met Me. All modules are well researched and help you overcome life's challenges... joyfully.


About Us

Me Met Me is a school of life that seeks to improve quality of your life, by teaching you to let go of pain and negativity, to embrace life, to be motivated and to realize the true potential of both your body and mind.


Stress is Inevitable Strain is Optional

Stress is a good thing. Strain however is not. Stress means that you are facing situations, challenging yourself and dealing with them based on the resources you have. We have learnt in physics that stress is force upon area. In life force is the external circumstance like a test or…

Yoga for Back Pain

  Back pain and particularly lower back pain seems to have grown in epidemic proportions in Kerala. If left unchecked it could lead to debilitating conditions like herniated discs etc. Lifestyle changes that have made us chair dwelling and sedentary is the key culprit. To heal you need to look…
surya namaskar virabhadrasan me met me yoga nuthan manohar

What Makes Sun Salutations Awesome for Your Health

  Even the ones who cant recall names of asana, would be able to recall the term Surya Namaskar. Today we are exploring the history, the science and the benefits of Surya Namaskar. A long, long time ago, in  a mythical land, the monkey god, Hanuman, desired to learn from the…