Corporate Training


The most significant application of Me Met Me modules is in enhancing productivity. Sessions are created to help reduce tensions and negativity, build resilience and motivation and to find joy in a shared vision. While customised sessions are available here are the details of our most sought after sessions.

Corporate Yoga Course

A 10 Day Comprehensive intervention to improve the physical and mental health of the organization. Comprises of well designed 2 Hour sessions makes the team sweat, smile and feel connected to a shared vision.

The sessions include detailed classes on Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Identifying body types, Positive Living, Mindfulness, Striving for excellence, Team Building etc.

Improve the quality of life of your employees and build fantastic teams.


High on Life

A One Day Positive Party for corporates to help erase stress, detox, feel motivated and connected to a shared vision. Here is a new way to party, twice as much fun and immensely more motivating. Its not just great for your mind but awesome for your body too.


Light Up

A One Day corporate workshop to really understand stress and therefore build resilience against the negative chronic stress in our lives. The session leaves you feeling empowered, positive and with greater sense of empathy and a contagious enthusiasm.


3 Day Quick Detox

3 Days to restore your natural glow using detox food, detox yoga, breathing practices, life coaching etc. Toxins in your body, deplete your energy and result in inch gain, hair loss, inflammation etc.  Your body eliminates toxins via kidneys, liver, digestive tract (intestines and colon), lungs, and skin. A detox works on all restoring these organs, eliminating impurities and leaves you feeling full of energy and with a fresh perspective on your life.