Corporate Yoga

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Session 1 & 2

Understanding your own body and mind

Stress Relief

1: Identify your body type, based on Ayurveda.

2: Yogic breathing

3: Sukshma Vyayam 1

4: Yoga Nidra

Session 3

Stress Relief 1: Kriya: detox breathing and Kapalabhati

2: Sukshma vyayam 2

3: Yoga Nidra – for proper relaxation

4: Three simple methods to release stress

Additional Benefits: Teaches  you to stay calm especially when facing challenging situations.  Ability to see the larger picture.  Improved immunity

Session 4 & 5

Energize, Revitalize 1: Kriya

2: Spinal warm ups

3: Suryanamskar

4: Power Posing  that helps to peak you performance

Additional Benefits : Ability to take on challenges, feel motivated

Session 6

Caring for your Back Kriya

Spinal warm up

Surya Namskar

Asanas to improve posture, strengthen the back muscles

Asanas to improve the flexibility of the spine

Yoga Nidra

Pranyama : Anuloma Viloma

“you are as young and healthy as your spine”

Session 7

Caring for Your Neck and Shoulders Kriya

Spinal warm up


Asanas to improve neck and shoulders

Heart openers

Yoga Nidra

Pranyama : Anuloma Viloma

Additional benefits : improves sleep, improves ability to connect with each other, ability to communicate well

Session 8, 9 & 10

Practices to Manage various Ailments and Mental Conditions (asthma, carpal tunnel, eye strain, diabetes, ulcer, constipation, insomnia etc)

And advanced asanas for students who can practice them


Spinal warm up

Surya Namaskar

Asanas : Standing, Supine, Prone, Seated, Inverted

Pranyama : Bhastrika, Anuloma Viloma, Brahmari




1.       5 Kriyas (cleansing practices) to clear out the body and the mind from toxin and negativity

2.       Sukshma Vyayam for joint health and to treat ailments

3.       Surya Namaskar and Vinyasa to warm up practice to awaken the body and energy

4.       Asanas –  5 standing poses, 5 supine poses, 5 prone poses and 5 seated and 2 inverted poses that will provide health and vitality

5.       Pranayama : 3 main pranayama to energize, balance and focus energy

6.       5 methods to deal with stress

7.       Additionally information on mudras, bandhas  and simple techniques based  on various healing modalities

8.       Customized information on what foods suit whom, tips to balance weight and prevent illnesses that a person may be prone to in future