High On Life

When was the last time you felt really alive? When was the last time you felt all your stress melt away? When was the last time you felt so motivated that you went on to create magic in life? When did you last feel moved?

High On Life is a One Day Positive Party for corporates to help erase stress, detox, feel motivated and connected to a shared vision. Here is a new way to party, twice as much fun and immensely more motivating. Its not just great for your mind but awesome for your body too.

You will learn fun, simple and effective ways to deal with stress and how to release pent up negativity like anger, frustrations, self doubts, fears etc. You also get to learn from various experts on topics that you choose – ranging from nutrition, perfumery, health experts, dance, etiquette, soft skills etc.

 One fun-filled day of stress relief practices, motivation &  recharge, breath work & healing, positive affirmations, DJ & healthful food,  fun team activities, expert sessions and sacred elixir ceremony.

Music. Movement. Motivation. Mindfulness. Master Class.