Anahata Yoga Heart Love


Anahata the heart center, governs both our ability to Heal and to Manifest. Learn powerful methods to heal your life and manifest your dreams. Anahata is a set of Tantric practices and psychological tools to help reconnect with the heart center. Learn how to purify the heart so that we manifest our desires and live in the flow.

These Detox and Mindfulness Yoga Retreats are set in pristine locations. It is a gift you give yourself to shed the toxins in your body, negativity in the mind and realign with your true nature.

You will be introduced to Yogic techniques of Kriya, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation along with a special Ayurvedic Detox diet with Wellness and Yoga.

AnahataΒ includes mantra chanting, tattwa shuddi meditations, aromatherpay, interactive discussions in order to cleanse, awaken the heart. We shall challenge both our limiting beliefs as well as physical edges that prevent us from deepening our joy.


Detox Weightloss Food

The delicious detox diet you will follow will help get rid of carbs, fat, alcohol, preservatives, additives and help the body rest and recover after stress and poor lifestyle choices in food, sleep etc. The detox not just works on impurities of the physical body but also on the mind. You will find yourself feeling lighter and with a lot more energy.You will learn to rethink life with a fresh perspective and let go of pain and limiting beliefs.


Anahata Modules are available in Half Day & 3 Day, 5 Day and 10 Day Residential Retreat Formats.

Discover the Light in Your Heart.