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Join Nuthan Manohar, in her life transforming workshops and residential retreats to rediscover the light within. Her sessions blend ancient wisdom and modern research to help you live the life of your dreams.



Know more about the various yoga retreats and corporate sessions from Me Met Me. All modules are well researched and help you overcome life's challenges... joyfully.


About Us

Me Met Me is a school of life that seeks to improve quality of your life, by teaching you to let go of pain and negativity, to embrace life, to be motivated and to realize the true potential of both your body and mind.


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“I am richer.” I thought he had not understood my question, hence I repeated “ What are the benefits that you have experienced after practicing Yoga?” Once again he replied, “I am richer now” He went on to explain that he was a man who always experienced stress related to…

The Zen Bride

It is that time of life when you are expected to look the very best you can, behave the very best you can, stretch your social skills, master your talent to shop, look gorgeous in photos, make the best impression on strangers fast turning into close family, learn about love…

5 Ways to Teach Your Child to be Happy & Positive This Summer

  A recent study by UNICEF reported that Dutch children are the happiest. The top reasons cited for their happiness is that Dutch parents ranked among the happiest parents Dutch mothers experienced the least stress Child rearing is a collaborative effort by both parents   Unfortunately, as a stark contrast,…